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Regulation and enforcement of Marijuana in the United States policy memo

2-3 page (single-spaced) policy memo that addresses the following three points:  The What – Clearly and cogently introduce a political issue or problem you believe is of pressing local, national, or international importance.  The Why – Discuss why your audience, as you define it, should care about this political issue or problem. Provide empirical evidence that illustrates its significance.  The How – Discuss how this political issue or problem should be addressed with a particular course of action (i.e. with specific legislative - policy directives).Your policy memo should be in the form of an ‘executive summary’- a direct, succinct consideration of one policy area and a careful explication for why particular policy options are most preferred. Present a persuasive line of advocacy; don’t spend time elaborating on theoretical assumptions. Of course, it is expected that you reference reputable sources and original data as evidence in making your case. At least five references are required and must be listed on a separate bibliography page.
2-3 page (single-spaced) policy memo that addresses the following three points:  The What – Clearly and cogently introduce a political issue or problem you believe is of pressing local, national, or international importance.  The Why – Discuss why your audience, as you define it, should care about this political issue or problem. Provide empirical evidence that illustrates its significance.  The How – Discuss how this political issue or problem should be addressed with a particular course of action (i.e.
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