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TV Family Grey's Anatomy Gender/ Culture Assessment

Paper and Presentation 1) You will create a genogram of the core family depicted in the TV show. Genogram should contain two generations of the family; Age, relationships are clearly marked, illnesses are included if depicted. 10 points 2) Discuss the overall family dynamics and interaction styles. 5 points 3) Is the family depicted fit the “Traditional American Family”? Why or why not? 5 points 4) What stages of the family life cycle are represented in the show? 10 points a. What are challenges presented to these stages for the family? 5) Discuss the gender roles depicted. (Traditional vs Non) 20 points a. Do the gender roles impact the family dynamics? 6) Do the family identify a specific cultural identity? 20 points a. How do the cultural expectations impact the family dynamics and decision making? b. Are there external community factors that impact the family’s cultural identity? (Give specific examples) c. How does the family interact with families from other cultural background? (Give specific examples.) d. How does the family's race and social class influence how they experience the work/family interface? 7) Discuss the occupational stressors. 5 points a. What types of work-family interface are shown? b. What does the show suggest about how work-family issues are gendered? (Use specific examples to support your case.) 8) Presentation: You will have 15-20 minutes to present your family. 15 points Paper should be no more than 6 pages following standard APA format. 10 points  
Paper and Presentation 1) You will create a genogram of the core family depicted in the TV show. Genogram should contain two generations of the family; Age, relationships are clearly marked, illnesses are included if depicted. 10 points 2) Discuss the overall family dynamics and interaction styles. 5 points 3) Is the family depicted fit the “Traditional American Family”?
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