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TEST FOR MERITS COMPETITION DESIGN; ENGLISH TEACHING PROFESSIONALS IN COLOMBIA: Design a Test of knowledge (of English teaching and Colombian plans of programs) for teachers of English (in Colombia, South America) Multiple choice / 4 choices 42 questions NUMBER OF QUESTIONS FOR EACH TOPIC 1. (5 questions) Generalities about bilingualism /Generalidades sobre Bilinguismo. 2. (5 questions) General knowledge of the teaching -learning foreign languages / conocimientos generales sobre el proceso de enseñanza aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras. 3. (2 questions) The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Marco Común Europeo de Referencia de las Lenguas (MCER) 4. (5 questions) English Teaching Didactics / Didáctica de la enseñanza del ingles. 5. (5 questions) Evaluation (in language formation) /Evaluación en la formación de lenguas. 6. (5 questions) English for specific purposes / Ingles con propósito específico. 7. (5 questions) (Colombian) Strategic Plan / Plan estratégico. 8. (5 questions) (Colombian) Action Plan / Plan de acción. 9. (5 questions) (Colombian) National Bilingualism Program / Programa nacional de bilinguismo.
TEST FOR MERITS COMPETITION DESIGN; ENGLISH TEACHING PROFESSIONALS IN COLOMBIA: Design a Test of knowledge (of English teaching and Colombian plans of programs) for teachers of English (in Colombia, South America) Multiple choice / 4 choices 42 questions NUMBER OF QUESTIONS FOR EACH TOPIC 1. (5 questions) Generalities about bilingualism /Generalidades sobre Bilinguismo. 2. (5 questions) General knowledge of the teaching -learning foreign languages / conocimientos generales sobre el proceso de enseñanza aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras.
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