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Annotated Bibliography on 20 Books about Emotions

20 Books About Emotions for Children. Preschool-3rd Grade Books. Your bibliography should be titled and should begin with a paragraph describing your topic and the methods and results of your book search. Then proceed with the focus list ordered alphabetically by title. You may want to divide your bibliography into subcategories to make it easier for reader to navigate. Each annotation should be targeted toward helping your fellow practitioners and should be between 50 and 75 words. Please use the following format (which is slightly different from APA) for each entry in your bibliography: Title by Author. Illustrated by Illustrator (if applicable or different from author). Date of original publication. Publisher. Keywords. Recommended reading level. How you found the book. Annotation here, indented 1/2 inch from previous information. When listing keywords, you may want to include more than one or to be very specific (e.g. “Multicultural picture book, Korean-American, food”). Finally, regarding how you found the book, you may want to use abbreviations. Please include a key at the end of your list (e.g. LR = Librarian recommendation, CCBC = Collaborate Children’s Book Center online recommended book list).
20 Books About Emotions for Children. Preschool-3rd Grade Books. Your bibliography should be titled and should begin with a paragraph describing your topic and the methods and results of your book search. Then proceed with the focus list ordered alphabetically by title.
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