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Summarize and Present Information in a Meaningful Way

For this assignment, you will need to become familiar with specialized business intelligence (BI) software, then download the software. Complete the following steps to begin: Step 1: Watch an instructional video on the BI software. Step 2: Download the BI software. After you select the link, look for the orange icon in the middle portion of your screen to begin the download. Consider the following scenario: The National Sales meeting is approaching. Each regional sales manager has to do a short presentation for the marketing department that highlights how the consumers in their territory are different from those in the total United States. You are still working with the local regional sales manager. Complete the following: Click here to download the reports for the United States. This file contains reports generated from a marketing organization's Web site. The Web site provides free demographical services where one can choose from a variety of criteria and generate reports based on the U.S. Census data. This particular file contains 4 reports: General Summary, Census Trend 1980 to 2000 Summary, Occupation and Employment Summary, and Income Summary based on the entire United States. Click here to download the reports for zip code 60614. This particular file contains 4 reports: General Summary, Census Trend 1980 to 2000 Summary, Occupation and Employment Summary, and Income Summary based on the U.S. zip code 60614. Using all 4 demographic reports (General Summary, Census Trend 1980 to 2000 Summary, Occupation and Employment Summary, and Income Summary) for the United States and zip code 60614, prepare a 1-page memo explaining how your territory differs from the national profile. Feel free to note anything that you found surprising in this data. Use the business intelligence software to depict information from these reports. Prepare a presentation of 5–6 slides of your major findings. You may group a category of data from the Total United States and zip code 60614, and create a graph to show how they differ. The presentation should have at least one graph and a headline that summarizes a key takeaway from the graph. The last page should contain at least 3 questions that you would want answered based on what you've seen in this comparison. Your presentation should include 5–6 slides in PowerPoint, plus title and reference slides with speaker notes (200–250 words per slide). For assistance with the usage of Tableau for analysis and reporting, review and use the following instructions. This should be helpful if you are having problems with the software usage or with problems with the data: Instructions to Create Bar Graph in Tableau Open the assignment CTU instructions. Download Business Intelligence Software. Create your Tableau Public Account. Click the download link for the zip code (60614) file (file will open in Excel). Click the download link for the US file (file will open in Excel). The following are some options: Create separate demographical worksheets. For example: Education Attainment File - Worksheet (include both Zip Code and U.S. data); Household Income (include Zip Code and U.S. data) See a sample of the file available with column headings and extraneous blanks. Household Income Chicago U.S. 1980 1990 1980 to 1990 2000 1990 to 2000 1980 Median Household Income 18,438 41,227 1.236 69,311 0.681 16,902 Average household Income 24,245 67,607 1.788 114,615 0.695 20,382 Per Capita Income 13,564 38,518 1.84 63,791 0.656 7,321 See a sample of the file available with column headings and extraneous blanks. 2000 Educational Attainment U.S. Chicago College: Associates Degree 6.3% 1.9% College: Bachelor's Degree 15.5% 44.2% College: Graduate Degree 8.9% 34.0% College: Some College, no Degree 21.1% 8.7% School: 9th to 11th grade, no diploma 12.1% 3.2% School: Grade K-9 6.1% 2.0% School: High School Graduate 28.6% 5.6% Create a file with data organized without extraneous rows and columns but including headings. The idea is to clean up the file before usage. Separating files and worksheets may be the best way to make this happen Note in the real situation, when using BI software, you will want to ensure your data are clean and you have similar data in your files. Save the file(s) on your computer. Open Tableau. Then do a File > Open > Open your saved file. At the bottom of the screen on the left, click on the little box next to Sheet 1 (looks like a bar graph with a plus in the top left corner). Under Measures (on left), you should see Chicago and U.S. Click on U.S. and pull it into rows at the top of the screen. Then click on Chicago and pull it over into rows. Under Dimensions on the left, you should see Household Income. Click on Household Income and pull it into column. Now in the second column from the left, you should see measures. In the top right corner, you should see a “show me” box illustrating ways you can view the data based on the values you have chosen. To do side-by-side comparisons, put your cursor over the rightmost picture on the third line with the side-by-side blue and orange bars. Click on it. Your graph should appear on the page. You can play around with how you want to portray your data. To save in Tableau Public, click File > Save to Tableau Public as… > give the file a descriptive name. You will be asked to log into Tableau Public using your e-mail and password. When your graph is saved in public, at the bottom right, there is a download button. Decide how you will save the file. (You can create an image and name the .png file. It will be saved in tableau public.) After the file is saved, open the .png file, and edit or copy the graph. Open your PowerPoint file, then paste (special) it on the slide. You can adjust the size. Repeat the same in Tableau opening of any other prepped and cleaned file. Note: Measure values are your number fields; measure names are the descriptors. Please submit your assignment. For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the Microsoft Office Applications Lab. References Pak, A. (2013, August 12). Tableau Public - Overview and Applications [Video file]. Retrieved from Summary reports. (n.d.). Retrieved March 3, 2006, from the Free Demographics Service on the American Marketing Association Web site: http:/ Tableau Public. (n.d.). Retrieved November 11, 2014 from
For this assignment, you will need to become familiar with specialized business intelligence (BI) software, then download the software. Complete the following steps to begin: Step 1: Watch an instructional video on the BI software. Step 2: Download the BI software. After you select the link, look for the orange icon in the middle portion of your screen to begin the download.
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