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EDIT my transfer paper for an undergraduate business school

I have written the paper already, all you have to do is edit the grammar, tone, and give me feedback on the content. here is the paper: "Upon finishing my studies at McLean High School, my father landed a position as representative of The World Bank in Chile. This provided me with the opportunity to move to South America and attend university in Argentina, my home country. It was an ambitious challenge; I left Argentina at nine years old for a four year stay in India, followed by another four year stay in Virginia. Regardless, I was excited to rediscover my roots, increase my Spanish proficiency, and understand the economic development of Latin America. I attended Torcuato Di Tella University where I studied economics and managerial economics. I choose this major because I’m interested on how business can be applied in public policy to increase the welfare of low-income individuals. Specifically, how to help the most disadvantage groups to do profitable business and move them out of poverty. I was first exposed to these ideas while living in India and learning about microcredit. Attending university in Argentina, one of the world’s most analyzed economies due to its long history of crises and staggering inflation rates, provided me an exiting backdrop to study managerial economics. TDTUs’ business school gave me the rigorous analytical foundation necessary to achieve my goals. Having finished my sophomore year, I’m now looking to complement my education with a more global perspective and a stronger practical focus on the implementation of managerial tools in the area of public policy and economic development. By attending George Mason University, I hope to learn new approaches of economic development processes and social entrepreneurship. The business management major would offer me a vast eighteen credit elective course selection, and an opportunity to minor in economics; a flexibility i’m searching for at this stage. George Mason’s international reputation on Austrian Economics, with superb professors such as Nobel Memorial Prize winner Dr.Vernon L. Smith, make Mason fascinating to me. I’m eager to take courses like: The Political Economy of Nonprofit Institutions, Experiential Entrepreneurship, and Austrian Economics to name a few. Additionally, I’m interested in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. I currently study Italian, and would like to further my foreign languages proficiencies at GMU. While my reasons for transferring a mostly academic, I do have a personal incentive. My parents completed their field assignment in Chile and have returned to our family home in McLean, granting me an opportunity to finalize my undergraduate degree in northern Virginia. Commuting to GMU and staying in close proximity to the nation’s capital would allow me future internship and job opportunities in my preferred work field: NGOs, international development organizations, and microfinance institutions. Finally, Mason is one of the most diverse public universities in the country; given my profile I know I would feel right at home in such a welcoming community. I look forward to contributing to the social and cultural life of GMU with my experiences gained in South Asia and Latin America; and my particular interest in economics, development and social inclusion. "
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