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Statement of Interest (purpose)for Internship at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry

I'm applying for an Internship at Loma Linda University- School of Dentistry, in the prosthodontics speciality to be specific. I was asked to write a statement of interest for applying. prosthodontics involve treating a diffrent type of oral rehabilitation to more simpler cases as one missing teeth. For me being interested in this speciality started since I was an undergraduate student. Involving in more complex diagnosis and treatment planning cases.
I'm applying for an Internship at Loma Linda University- School of Dentistry, in the prosthodontics speciality to be specific. I was asked to write a statement of interest for applying. prosthodontics involve treating a diffrent type of oral rehabilitation to more simpler cases as one missing teeth. For me being interested in this speciality started since I was an undergraduate student.
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