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Culture and Communication- Connect the movie 'My Fair Lady' to concepts from four lengthy articles.

Write down at least three examples from the movie (scene, line, interaction, event, etc.) that are examples of some of the ideas we've recently discussed and read about in class. Please describe the scene/line/etc. as well as you can; and explain its relation to one on the list below. Answers should be 1 page, typed, double spaced. The list: 1) Standard Language Ideology. 2) Symbolic domination. 3) "Inarticulate classes"/barbarians. 4) View of language/culture connection?. 5) Ability to change class via languages. 6) Social stratification. 7) Indexicality. 8) Hyper-correction. 9) Habitus. 10) Code-switching. 11) Deficit vs. difference. 12) Linguistic variation.
Write down at least three examples from the movie (scene, line, interaction, event, etc.) that are examples of some of the ideas we've recently discussed and read about in class. Please describe the scene/line/etc. as well as you can; and explain its relation to one on the list below. Answers should be 1 page, typed, double spaced.
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