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Research Paper contrasting nontraditional students with traditional students

Write your Research Paper contrasting nontraditional students with traditional students (at least 800 words). The completed paper should begin with an introduction and clearly stated--and underlined--thesis.Your paper should include at least four body/support paragraphs, and it should use at least one quote from each of the three articles (1. the NCES report, 2. Rendon, and 3. Bishop-Clarke and Lynch) Then, add a conclusion to your paper.
Write your Research Paper contrasting nontraditional students with traditional students (at least 800 words). The completed paper should begin with an introduction and clearly stated--and underlined--thesis.Your paper should include at least four body/support paragraphs, and it should use at least one quote from each of the three articles (1. the NCES report, 2. Rendon, and 3.
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