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CREATED ON 1st April 2016
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Drug testing for welfare recipients and government representatives

I need at least a six page essay on this topic plus a work cited page. Essay is to be an argumentative needing to take evidence from a variety of sources, integrating that evidence, and analyzing its validity, compiling information in order to devise reasonable conclusions. Needing a minimum of 5 sources - 2 academic sources, 2 (maximum) popular sources, 1 primary source. Need to incorporate these sources: , ,
I need at least a six page essay on this topic plus a work cited page. Essay is to be an argumentative needing to take evidence from a variety of sources, integrating that evidence, and analyzing its validity, compiling information in order to devise reasonable conclusions. Needing a minimum of 5 sources - 2 academic sources, 2 (maximum) popular sources, 1 primary source.
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