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How can British authors on Nationalism studies contribute to our understanding of postcolonial studies?

These are the instruction of the professor: - Anthropological, literary or historical applications of the postcolonial approach are expected. -Use 1.5 or double spaced computer pages and size 12 New Times Roman letters (size 10 for footnotes, size 11 for block quotes). -You must write about the particular title as it stands. You cannot rewrite or change it. You might tweak some aspects of it for the purpose of individual arguments in the essay. -Remember, an essay is a structured argumentative polemic preferably containing a personal angle (not a descriptive enumeration of things) which contains one or more central points that are buttressed by citations and logical analysis. -Avoid lengthy (longer than 8-line) block quotes. -The quality of language you are using matters. You do not have to be the reincarnation of Lord Acton, but severe, radical language issues will reduce the value of a paper or even disqualify it. -You may use and refer to any sources except Wikipedia (!). Any resource outside of your own mind must be properly attributed, identified, cited in footnotes. Use the Chicago (Turabian) manual for academic papers regarding the conventions of annotation. Easily explained on Internet pages. Read the template rules carefully! Do not use the so-called MLA style. Therefore, do not use embedded notes (author and page in parentheses inside the text). -Indented (block) quotes (for quotes longer than 3 lines) should look like this but also indented from both sides. They must not be in Italics, must not be placed within quotation marks, should be centred from both the left and the right side of the text, should be single spaced and size 11 New Times Roman. Indented quotes require a footnote at their end.[1]
These are the instruction of the professor: - Anthropological, literary or historical applications of the postcolonial approach are expected. -Use 1.5 or double spaced computer pages and size 12 New Times Roman letters (size 10 for footnotes, size 11 for block quotes). -You must write about the particular title as it stands. You cannot rewrite or change it.
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