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Unit 2: Unit 2: Unauthorized Practice of Law - Discussion

Online Legal Services and UPL Please navigate to the LegalZoom website at Look around and review some of the services they offer. Next, read the following article: Leaf, G. (2014). Forbes. Why The Legal Profession Says LegalZoom Is Illegal. Retrieved from After taking a look at the website and the article, please provide your arguments as to whether online legal services providers like LegalZoom are committing the unauthorized practice of the law, or whether they are simply providing legal information without involving themselves in the practice of law. Please use the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to support your response. Make sure to respond to your classmates posts as well! Respond: Also need you to interact with 4 other students on their blog posts, which will be uploaded to you also.
Online Legal Services and UPL Please navigate to the LegalZoom website at Look around and review some of the services they offer. Next, read the following article: Leaf, G. (2014).
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