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SUBJECT AREA Criminology
DOCUMENT TYPE Research Proposal
CREATED ON 1st June 2017
COMPLETED ON 3rd June 2017
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Juvenile Deliquency: Program effectiveness that helps reduce recidivism

research proposal written in an APA Style. The project should have at least 1000-words of substance not counting the cover and reference page. Please include a Cover Page, an abstract and a list of references. The research proposal will include the following: • Title page • Abstract (100-120 words) • Introduction • Hypothesis/Problem Statement/Purpose Statement • Literature Review and Definitions included in research • Research methods/design • References • Appendices - as needed (annotated bibliography, example consent form, example survey if used) Will also need an alternate hypothesis and null hypothesis statement I have included 8 scholarly sources for documents to pull information from as well as my annotated bibliography. If more sources are used they must be added to the bibliography, it will not allow me to download everything. will send more to the writer that accepts this assignment.
research proposal written in an APA Style. The project should have at least 1000-words of substance not counting the cover and reference page. Please include a Cover Page, an abstract and a list of references. The research proposal will include the following: • Title page • Abstract (100-120 words) • Introduction • Hypothesis/Problem Statement/Purpose Statement • Literature Review and Definitions included in research • Research methods/design • References • Appendices - as needed (annotated bibliography, example consent form, example survey if used) Will also need an alternate hypothesis and null hypothesis statement I have included 8 scholarly sources for documents to pull information from as well as my annotated bibliography.
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