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Choose 1 Literary Device/Element from Short Story that Exemplifies the Theme

Peruse this article titled, Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature by Roane State Community College. For this, you will choose one of the three stories from Unit 5 to analyze. Choose one literary device/element that your chosen author uses to portray the theme, "If an individual does not follow the rules of society, there can be negative, sometimes violent, consequences." Write a response that tells your readers HOW the author uses that literary device. For example, how does Dick use Mood/Tone to portray this theme? How does O'Connor use characterization? How does Bradbury use Conflict? You are welcome to choose other literary elements/devices. Remember to use text support from the story as support. Please finish your post by asking your peers a thought provoking question about any aspect of your story.
Peruse this article titled, Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature by Roane State Community College. For this, you will choose one of the three stories from Unit 5 to analyze. Choose one literary device/element that your chosen author uses to portray the theme, "If an individual does not follow the rules of society, there can be negative, sometimes violent, consequences." Write a response that tells your readers HOW the author uses that literary device. For example, how does Dick use Mood/Tone to portray this theme?
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