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Group Presentation Chapter 6 Interpersonal communication Friendships

Hello, I have a Group presentation Chapter 6 Interpersonal communication on Friendship. My group and I are teaching the class on Chapter 6 Interpersonal Communication Tuesday that relates with in the book(Human Communication Fifth Edition Special Florida Value Edition by Judy Pearson ISBN #9781259346781). Each of my group has a part to do assignment on Interpersonal Communication on Chapter 6. I will be doing friendships The assignment has to be written with in the book (Human Communication Special Florida Value Edition by Judy Pearson ISBN#9781259346781 pg.120-122) on powerpoint presentation. can you put a video link on the powerpoint presentation to show example about friendships that relates to the book. Also, can you make an outline on Chapter 6 Interpersonal Communication Friendship. I need it today so I can email it to my classmates
Hello, I have a Group presentation Chapter 6 Interpersonal communication on Friendship. My group and I are teaching the class on Chapter 6 Interpersonal Communication Tuesday that relates with in the book(Human Communication Fifth Edition Special Florida Value Edition by Judy Pearson ISBN #9781259346781). Each of my group has a part to do assignment on Interpersonal Communication on Chapter 6. I will be doing friendships The assignment has to be written with in the book (Human Communication Special Florida Value Edition by Judy Pearson ISBN#9781259346781 pg.120-122) on powerpoint presentation.
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