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Case 3 (Example)

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Student’s name Institution Course Tutor Date People with disabilities undergo several challenges because of the labeling they get from the other members of the community. For instance in this case Tony a student with a disability is labeled to be "abnormal " a term that is unacceptable when referring to people with disabilities. Tony's problem is not easily noticeable which makes it hard for other students such as Jon to realize. For example Jon looks at Tony with a puzzled face meaning he regarded him as weird. from Jon. He should have helped Tony to locate the most suitable group and topic for the assignment. These are the challenges that students with disabilities have to face when being included in the general schools. Since the other students have a little understanding of the situation the teacher is responsible for ensuring that inclusion takes place in the smoothest way possible. References Campbell J. Gilmore L. & Cuskelly M. (2003). Changing student teachers’ attitudes towards disability and inclusion. Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability 28(4) 369-379. [...]

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Tony Perez is excited for his first day of school as a second-grade student. His family just moved to a new town yesterday, and he will be starting his first day at his new school about a week late. Tony looks forward to making new friends and meeting his new teacher, Mr. Cook. Tony has been deaf since he was a toddler due to complications from meningitis. Tony's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perez, have decided against cochlear implants until their son turns 16 because they want him to make an informed decision once he is older about whether having the device is a medical choice that he would like to pursue. At Tony's old school, his classmates and teachers were very friendly, and always made him feel accepted as a member of the classroom community. The day before his official first day of class, Tony and his parents meet Mr. Cook, the principal Mr. Goings, the school resource teacher, and a few other teachers he will be working with (Music and Physical Education teachers) to go over his Individual Education Program (IEP). The meeting goes well, and Mr. Goings ends by stating how much he looks forward to have Tony join the school and gives everyone a handshake. The next day, Tony walks into the classroom a few minutes early. He walks up and introduces himself to a boy named Jon, who is sitting in one of the back rows. Jon looks at Tony with a puzzled expression, and walks away to another boy named Caleb. Tony can tell by reading his lips that Jon is telling Caleb "That deaf boy over there talks funny. You can't understand what he's saying." Tony looks upset, but walks over to an empty desk across the room. Shortly thereafter, Tony's interpreter, Julia, walks into the room and sits next to him, unaware of what is going on. Mr. Cook starts class by informing the students that they will be learning about American women who have made significant contributions to society. The class will break up into groups to conduct preliminary research and make a poster on their assigned person. Mr. Cook has assigned groups to research the following women: Helen Keller (a white woman who was blind and deaf), Patsy Mink (the first Asian American and woman of color to serve in Congress), Ellen Ochoa (the first Latina American astronaut), and Rosa Parks (a black woman who became an icon of the Civil Rights Movement). Mr. Cook purposefully chose Helen Keller because she was the first person with a disability to earn a bachelor's degree, and was also a prominent anti-war and women's rights activist. He hopes that through that his students will include information on American Sign Language and other aspects of deaf culture. Mr. Cook first tells the class to break up into small groups of up to four students. Tony looks around for a group. He approaches Caleb's group, but Caleb holds up his hand and informs Tony that their group is already full. Tony notices that Jon's group is the only one with fewer than four students, and walks up to join them. In this group, there is Jessica, Jon, and Tracy. Tony motions Julia to join them to help with the interpretation. Jon and his group start frowning as Tony pulls up a chair, but otherwise say nothing else. Then, the other group members start the activity without including Tony. Jessica goes to the supply closet to get the markers and poster board, while Jon and Tracy start discussing what they want their poster to look like. Periodically, Jon turns to Julia to gather ideas, but makes no eye-contact with Tony. At that point, Julia tells Jon that he should really be asking Tony, and that she will help the two of them communicate with each other. Compose a response that answers these questions: In this scenario, how is Tony (a student with a disability) labeled? How might the teacher, Mr. Cook, have better prepared all individuals in the classroom to use language of acceptance and respect? What issues do you see in terms of how full inclusion for Tony (a student with a disability) is fostered in the classroom activities? Analyze how the teacher, Mr. Cook, attempted to build knowledge of and respect for all students in the classroom. What specific ways might he used to create a better community of respect in the classroom?

Subject Area: Education

Document Type: Dissertation

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