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LANGUAGE FAMILY NAME COURSE INSTITUTION Human beings communicate by use of language which can be described as the ability to acquire and put into use complex systems of communication. The cognitive abilities of a person which enables them to learn and apply the complex systems of communication and still be able to describe well the set of rules which form the complex systems of communication (Chomsky 1986). Language has different structures which linguists perceive as a result of language evolutions to serve different communication needs and in other social areas. It is also acquired as a result of social interactions between people in early childhood. Language is mainly included in the entire human culture and thus as a means of communication it also has many cultural and social uses. As time moves language evolves and this leads to diversification in the current language used by a certain group of which have taken place over time have seen the evolution and diversification of languages used by different individuals in different geographical regions. Language which acts as a medium through which communication is achieved changes with time with new languages being formed and others being extinct. Language families are also made up of different features which differentiate them from the others and making it unique. References Chambers J.K (ed). P. Trudgil (ed) and N Schilling-Estes (ed) 2004. The handbook of language variation and change. Hoboken NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. Chomsky N (1986). Knowledge of language: Its nature origin and use. New York and London. Praeger. Ethnologue: Languages of the world" (Seventeenth ed.). Retrieved 5 November 2015. World Population 6 800 596 862 / Living Languages 7 106 / Institutional: 560 Developing: 1 563 Vigorous: 2 549 In Trouble: 1 519 Dying: 915 Holm J (2000). An introduction to pidgins and creoles. Cambridge UK. Cambridge University Press. [...]

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Write an essay that addresses one of the following questions or issues, following the instructions. PICK ONE. (1) In what ways and why is Modern English spelling so inconsistent? (2) Compare and contrast the sounds of English with those of another language or languages with which you are familiar (especially the consonant and vowel segments, but also suprasegmental features such as tone where relevant). (3) A central concept in historical linguistics is that of a “language family”. Summarize and discuss the key properties of a language family, stating what linguistic criteria linguists look for when grouping languages into families. (4) Compare and contrast the basic word orders of English with those of another language or languages with which you are familiar. (5) Summarize and discuss the major "language areas" of the human brain and some of the linguistic consequences of medical impairment to these areas, for example in aphasia. (6) Discuss critically Chomsky's proposal that the basic principles and parameters of syntax (his "Universal Grammar") must be innate. Instructions: (a) The paper must be at least 5 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Hard copy only. No electronic files please. (b) Use material from the Fromkin et al. textbook wherever possible as a starting point. It is expected that you will also consult some additional materials, using the further readings in the textbook as a guide, or other scholarly articles or books. If you are in any doubt about the appropriateness of a source, check with your TA. The minimum number of additional sources you should consult beyond the textbook is two. (c) List your references at the end of the paper, giving full bibliographical details. References within the main text can then be very brief, e.g. Sapir (1921). Footnotes are optional. (d) Make sure you address the topic that you are asked to address. (g) Organize your discussion logically with a clear statement of goal or purpose at the outset, a clear summary or conclusion at the end, and some interesting and substantive content in between. (h) Papers that reveal exceptional thought and analysis, and that are very well-written, will receive an A+ grade (or 10/10).

Subject Area: Linguistics

Document Type: Reports

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