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Schopenhauer, a critical account of his view of human existence.

Schopenhauer writes: “For evil is precisely that which is positive, that which makes itself palpable; and good, on the other hand, i.e. all happiness and all gratification, is that which is negative, the mere abolition of desire and extinction of pain” (“On the Sufferings of the World”). On the basis of your reading of the set texts by Schopenhauer, focusing on this quotation, give a critical account of his view of human existence.
Schopenhauer writes: “For evil is precisely that which is positive, that which makes itself palpable; and good, on the other hand, i.e. all happiness and all gratification, is that which is negative, the mere abolition of desire and extinction of pain” (“On the Sufferings of the World”). On the basis of your reading of the set texts by Schopenhauer, focusing on this quotation, give a critical account of his view of human existence.
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