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CREATED ON 29th March 2016
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Does elevation/altitude affect pulse oximetry in healthy adult male athletes?

I have a written an Abstract and Bibliography. I have data and can send these to you for the Results section. Using what I have already written, can a paper be produced that would satisfy the requirements of a masters level Academic Research Paper? This is literally generating a complete paper from the material I would send you, abstract and bibliography. It is very important that my sources are used, but it does not need to be limited to these sources. I have Pulse Oximetry readings, but will have to get these to you this evening or tomorrow afternoon. The writer would need to conceptualize this study from my abstract. In other words, I would need a writer with a biology/exercise physiology background... This is for a masters physiology course and the paper must adhere to higher level writing constraints. Also, The abstract I have written would be a guideline/blueprint for the paper to be written. A new abstract would need to be written... Also, remember this is double spaced! Is this possible? Deadline is April 6... next week... Thanks! Remember, Double spaced... Prof is rather blind...
I have a written an Abstract and Bibliography. I have data and can send these to you for the Results section. Using what I have already written, can a paper be produced that would satisfy the requirements of a masters level Academic Research Paper? This is literally generating a complete paper from the material I would send you, abstract and bibliography.
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