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Do primates have culture? (THIS IS FOR ANTHROPOLOGY)

this is an ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH PAPER. You are to write a term paper discussing whether or not primates have “culture.” You are to write an argumentative essay presenting both sides of the argument and then support the side that you deem to be “correct.” While it does not matter what side of the argument you choose, this essay needs to be factual. This is NOT an opinion based essay and all of your claims must be supported by scientific research. For this assignment, you are to use a minimum of three academic articles from peer-reviewed journals (no websites or books), one of which will be provided for you (and is attached). Three academic articles are required for this term paper and NO PARTIAL POINTS WILL BE GIVEN. Moreover, the two articles that you choose should not just repeat the main points of the first article.
this is an ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH PAPER. You are to write a term paper discussing whether or not primates have “culture.” You are to write an argumentative essay presenting both sides of the argument and then support the side that you deem to be “correct.” While it does not matter what side of the argument you choose, this essay needs to be factual. This is NOT an opinion based essay and all of your claims must be supported by scientific research. For this assignment, you are to use a minimum of three academic articles from peer-reviewed journals (no websites or books), one of which will be provided for you (and is attached).
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