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Outline/Dissertation Proposal: Trademarks in a globalized world

I need an outline for a 15,000 words dissertation on the topic "Trade Marks in a globalized world". The outline should include a structure, short explanations on how to build up the idea behind the proposal, literature/materials to work with , anything else that you consider helpful. The proposal should be between 3 and 8 pages and should be clear as well as thought-through. The focus lays on UK law in the globalized world (in contrast with the European law and the harmony between the two, the possible impacts of the Brexit, the new EU regulation as well as international attempts on trademark protection). Other jurisdictions and point of views are very welcome
I need an outline for a 15,000 words dissertation on the topic "Trade Marks in a globalized world". The outline should include a structure, short explanations on how to build up the idea behind the proposal, literature/materials to work with , anything else that you consider helpful. The proposal should be between 3 and 8 pages and should be clear as well as thought-through. The focus lays on UK law in the globalized world (in contrast with the European law and the harmony between the two, the possible impacts of the Brexit, the new EU regulation as well as international attempts on trademark protection).
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