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Benchmark - Leading a Continuously Changing Organization

Details: You have just been hired as the chief executive officer (CEO) in a medium-sized organization. The organization is not suffering financially, but neither is it doing as well as it could do. This is largely because the organization is stagnated in old ideas having not kept pace with the changing standards of the sector it serves. It does, however, have a handful of new employees who are eager to see the organization modernize. The organization also has several long-time employees who have remained with the company through the good times and the bad. The Board of Directors feels a sense of loyalty and obligation to these steadfast individuals, but the Board also knows that moving some parts of the operation "off-shore" would be better for the organization. In this assignment, you will discuss how you as a leader would direct this organization through the changes that are necessary for its survival. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: 1. Instructors will be using a grading rubric to grade the assignments. It is recommended that learners review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment in order to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment. 2. Required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center. This assignment requires that at least three additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included. Directions: Write a paper of 1,200-1,400 words that describes how you would lead the organization described above. Include the following in your paper: 1. A discussion of the foundational theories upon which you would draw to lead this organization. 2. A discussion of how you would assess the effectiveness of those foundational theories and adapt them to the diverse populations and settings represented in the above scenario. 3. A statement of how your leadership skills and style would be an asset or drawback to your effectiveness as a leader in this environment.
Details: You have just been hired as the chief executive officer (CEO) in a medium-sized organization. The organization is not suffering financially, but neither is it doing as well as it could do. This is largely because the organization is stagnated in old ideas having not kept pace with the changing standards of the sector it serves. It does, however, have a handful of new employees who are eager to see the organization modernize.
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