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Marketing and Projected profits & Borrowing Needs.

I have a group project which is to writing a business plan, but not the whole. My parts are the Marketing and Projected Profits & Borrowing Needs part. I will attach the necessary files that you will need when you write such as Our business concept, product details, goods and services details etc. so that you will be able to write my parts.
I have a group project which is to writing a business plan, but not the whole. My parts are the Marketing and Projected Profits & Borrowing Needs part. I will attach the necessary files that you will need when you write such as Our business concept, product details, goods and services details etc. so that you will be able to write my parts.
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Do not bid until you read instructions and look at attached file.
I need 15 powerpoint slides on Thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump, and the Federal Courts. I need RECENT and RELIABLE sources. Compare and contrast Thomas Jefferson and Donald Trump with their relationship to the federal courts. Give specific examples. I need quality work. This is the second time i put this assignment on studybay. The first one sucked. I also need..
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I need a powerpoint that will give me a 15 minute presentation in class. I also need a summary of the research, and a bibliography of each source used in Turabian format. The summary and bibliography does not need to be spectacular. My instructor is very lenient. 1-2 page for the summary would be sufficient...
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