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2 separate responses, one page each, 2 pages total

one page for each question, 2 total 1) Explain how imperialism worked (both economically and socially) in Indonesia and South Africa. 2) Was British rule good for India in the long run? Explain both sides of the argument with details.
one page for each question, 2 total 1) Explain how imperialism worked (both economically and socially) in Indonesia and South Africa. 2) Was British rule good for India in the long run? Explain both sides of the argument with details.
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attached (research intro- step 2 -2page instruction's (20 work cited needed)- see example's of work cited page MLA style needed. step-3 instructions source cards(don't need cards just separate ( see examples) author& pg# each on a paper -[Ill put on cards]
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