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Women in the military-Danger of Rape Article-Research Personal Paper (Example)

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Are Women In The Military In Danger Of Rape? Authors Institution Affiliation Are Women In The Military In Danger Of Rape? The military has both men and women in the frontline sworn to protect the citizens and the United States of America. These is through proper training on both physical and tactical ways that would ensure they overcome any obstacle that is there. However over the years there have been claims that women in the military are in danger of rape and therefore advising those with the potential of making good officers keep away. Having served for more than ten years alongside women I realized that is not the true. I even served with some women in Iraq and came back home with no incidences of sexual assault rape or any stressor related activity. It therefore shows that women in the military are in no danger of being in danger in case they join the military a myth since there is no direct proof of that. The claims therefore will be prohibiting women on what they have a right to do. References Harris R. J. McDonald D. P. & Sparks C. S. (2017). Sexual Harassment in the Military: Individual Experiences Demographics and Organizational Contexts. Armed Forces & Society 0095327X16687069. Robinson M. (2016). BROKEN SOLDIERS: the chaos of enlistment in the British Army in the early months of the Great War. History Ireland  24(2) 30-32. Shendrik V. Druzhinin P. & Bobobekov O. (2017). Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Method for Calculation of Composite Materials in the Construction of the Bridges in Terms of Their Safety and Reliability. Transportation Research Procedia  20 596-601. Wright M. (2016). ‘Protection against the Lust of Men’: Progressivism Prostitution and Rape in the Dominican Republic under US Occupation 1916–24. Gender & History  28(3) 623-640. [...]

Order Description:

In this section you will find pre-approved topics and articles authorized students can do for extra credit. Choose an article or topic from the links in this section. Read it, then do library research to find similar articles and/or scholarly material related to the topic (which supports, expounds, or contradicts it). Then write a critical analysis research paper on the topic. Be sure to include personalization (that is, include how the issue or topic affects you or someone you know). All quoted or paraphrased materials must be clearly documented using an appropriate style (APA, MLA, etc.) Students may express themselves freely but must articulate a well-documented argument to support their point of view to achieve a good grade. Mere expression of unsupported personal opinions will not count as critical thinking. A strong paper includes personalization, the student’s own analysis and thinking, and appropriate use of sociological terms taught in the course. These are more typical research papers and should follow a proper term paper format. All sources used must be cited with footnotes and a bibliography. As you find the article attached "WOMEN IN THE MILITARY DANGER OF RAPE" please use this to do a research paper on it. It needs to be personal in a sense. I happen to be prior service as a military veteran male, served alongside many female soldiers whom I deployed with in Iraq and never had any incidence with any rape. Although there were many cases of them throughout the military itself, I never experienced any personal battle buddies that have gone through it. This paper is more about quality over quantity. PLAGIARISM FREE, SPELLING AND GRAMMAR FREE. ***Words that must be included and used in the article: sex roles-are attitudes and behavioral expectations that go along with the biological aspects of being male or female. sexual harassment-refers to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affects a persons work. sexual norms-are the rules and expectations by which society channels and regulates the sexual behavior of its members. stressor-is a situation or event causing stress rape-is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person's consent. women in military If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

Subject Area: Human Rights

Document Type: Research Paper

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