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CREATED ON 22nd March 2016
COMPLETED ON 25th March 2016
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Evaluation of Social Stories interventions for students with Autism

I have already completed the assignment, however I need it to be perfect as I am already loosing a few marks as the date of my paper is out by 1 year of stated criteria. Need to critique an article on Social story intervention on autistic children. Assignment, criteria and Article attatched! Can anyone improve on what I have already done (I am not critically minded so don't even know if I am critiquing enough etc - or if there are better points over mine). I've already completed it - but make improvements to it to strengthen it! Still needs to sound like I produced it. Urgent HELP!
I have already completed the assignment, however I need it to be perfect as I am already loosing a few marks as the date of my paper is out by 1 year of stated criteria. Need to critique an article on Social story intervention on autistic children. Assignment, criteria and Article attatched! Can anyone improve on what I have already done (I am not critically minded so don't even know if I am critiquing enough etc - or if there are better points over mine).
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