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Evolution of modern US society through the first century of its development

DISCUSS THE EVOLUTION OF MODERN US SOCIETY THROUGH THE FIRST CENTURY OF ITS DEVELOPMENT, FROM THE INCEPTION OF THE CONSTITUTION THROUGH THE CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION. Using your lecture notes and your textbook (as a supplement to your notes) address the preceding question by choosing at least five topics and at least ten terms, and as many as you like, that we have discussed in class to describe how US society changed and how the lives of individual people were altered. Explain how this reflects the evolution toward the modern society in which we live today. Use the accompanying study guide in order to choose your topics and terms 1. The modernization process occurring in the US in the first half of the nineteenth century. The characteristics of traditional and modern societies. The effect this has on common people. Problems caused by modernization for society and for the two parties. 2. US foreign policy during the first quarter of the 19th century. Explain the significance of the major foreign relations issues and events, how they relate to the US as a modernizing nation. What effect, if any, these issues have today. 3. Jacksonian Democracy. Groups represented, the new party system. How Jacksonian Democracy arises, how it displaces and changes nationalism and why. Some policy differences between Whig nationalists and Jackson. Who does Jackson represent, what qualities does he symbolize and why? Illustrate the policies of negative and positive liberalism. How are they different? What groups in US society support each policy? How is the Charles River Bridge Case an example of the exercise of negative liberalism? Describe the 2nd Great Awakening, its leaders, what it says about US society and why it occurs when it does. How it is connected to Jacksonian Democracy. 4. The nature of the antebellum economies. The characteristics of the three regions, how they develop. The effect this has on the new sectional US. How Craftown and Hilltown represent the differences between the two regions. 5. Why the South is so different from the North in antebellum US. Describe Southern culture. How important is slavery to the South, why do they defend it so strongly and what are some of the arguments justifying slavery? Describe slavery in the southern US as opposed to slavery in Hispanic America. 6. Provide a descriptive chronology of events leading up to the Civil War. Why do these events cause the eruption of a civil war in the US? Be sure to include the concepts of ideology and politics. 7. Why does the North win the Civil War? Discuss military and industrial differences between the North and South and the broader question of the nature of the two societies and how the differences reflected in the exercise of the war. Give examples of how the North and South conducted the war differently. 8. Describe the events leading up to Reconstruction. Be sure to discuss the transformation of Union war aims and the rationale behind the Emancipation Proclamation. Describe Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction, as well as the plans of Johnson and the Radical Republicans. How did Johnson and the Congress differ over Reconstruction? How did the actions of the South influence Reconstruction? 9. Describe the successes and failures of Reconstruction. Be sure to discuss the Civil War amendments and the condition of the former slaves. Discuss the support or lack of support for Reconstruction in the North and South -- be specific. Why did Reconstruction succeed or fail?erms for identification: slave codes Kansas-Nebraska Act Dred Scott Case John Brown Emancipation Proclamation 54th Massachusetts Regiment "slaves in arms" Nathan Bedford Forest Tenure of Office Act 13th Amendment 14th Amendment 15th Amendment popular sovereignty Louisiana Purchase Embargo Act Hartford Convention Adams - de Onís Treaty Monroe Doctrine Marbury v. Madison McCulloch v. Maryland "corrupt bargain" Charles River Bridge Case 2nd Great Awakening War of 1812 Alien & Sedition Acts Charles Finney John Marshall Craftown & Hilltown
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