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CREATED ON 6th May 2017
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Paper response to 2 short readings about 911 Memorial mmuseum (NYC)

This essay it should be written based in two reading about the 9/11 museum in NYC.. first reading: The near impossible Challenge of designing the 9/11 museum second reading: The worst day of my life is now New York's Hottest Tourist Attraction. I need one essay analyzing this two readings DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ... I already got in trouble for a plagiarized paper. I provide the photos of this two readings. DONT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES. After I hire you i will provide you the other pages of this reading...
This essay it should be written based in two reading about the 9/11 museum in NYC.. first reading: The near impossible Challenge of designing the 9/11 museum second reading: The worst day of my life is now New York's Hottest Tourist Attraction. I need one essay analyzing this two readings DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ... I already got in trouble for a plagiarized paper.
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can a real writer help me with a 500 words paper response to a reading about museums ... DONT PLAGIRESE PLEASE. my professor is not stupid... she is young and knows when something is plagiarized .. I will provide the photos of the reading ... this is due on Tuesday.. that means on Tuesday at 6 pm I have to bring the paper to my class... NO OUTSIDE SOURCES PLEASE. once ogain..NO..
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Instructions:  For your Final Paper, choose ONE of the questions listed below. You may modify the question after consultation with the instructor.  Your paper must be a minimum of 1500 words of text within the body of the paper. That would be about five to seven pages minimum, double-spaced, using a 12 point type size. It is the word count that matters, not the number..
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i need a plagiarism report. I need it by today at 11pm. this essay is a final and it is over my own experience in that class to whom I choose i will give you a brief description of my time in that class. the image attached below are the instructions. it has to be MLA format with citations. i hope to have it earlier than 11 to proof read before turning it in...

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