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European Roadmap Smart Systems forAutomated Driving

Decide which pattern of organization makes the most sense for your topic, and create an extensive outline using topics/headings, keywords, phrases, subtopics, subheadings, major points, etc. The outline should include a minimum of twenty (20) references using APA parenthetical citation format and a reference page. Information contained in the outline should be paraphrased or use proper punctuation if directly quoted to avoid plagiarism. Outlines will be evaluated on the following criteria: Clear Pattern of Organization Rich Concise Content Meets Citation/Reference Requirements Total 15 points 15 points 20 points 50 points
Decide which pattern of organization makes the most sense for your topic, and create an extensive outline using topics/headings, keywords, phrases, subtopics, subheadings, major points, etc. The outline should include a minimum of twenty (20) references using APA parenthetical citation format and a reference page. Information contained in the outline should be paraphrased or use proper punctuation if directly quoted to avoid plagiarism.
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Attached Outline for Subject Criteria. Formatting: Follow APA formatting, including abstract, title, and reference pages. Page Requirement: Paper should be 10-12 pages. Citations: Paper should contain 3-5 citations. References: Use at least 3 scholarly journal articles and 2 to 3 web articles. All references should be properly cited...
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