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Youth education: education in a low income community vs education in non low income community

Your third and final minor paper is actually a portion of your final paper, the "literature review." The point of this paper is not to write a shorter version of your final paper, or to prove your overall point. The point of the literature review is to show that you have researched your topic, and can write about the relevant literature. Think of the literature review as a series of very short book reports. Format: You have essentially been doing this all semester long, with each of your HWs. There are additional guidelines in the syllabus as to what should go into your lit review. You should also model your lit reviews on the academic articles you read, on the literature review of my Master's thesis, and the sample student papers I have attached to this email. In short, however, this is how your lit review should go: What is the article's topic and scope? (1-2 sentences) What is the author's thesis/analysis/argument/main point? (1-2 sentences)  What is the author's methodology? (2-3 sentences) OPTIONAL: Transition sentence to next article, if they are related (1 sentence)  (Repeat for each article you are reviewing.) Additional suggestions: The more prominent an author is in your field, the more you are expected to discuss his or her theories. If every author you read cites the same author, consider reading that author's articles and beginning your literature review by reviewing this influential author's work. The lit review is where you get to talk about all the authors you've read whose work will not make it into your evidence and analysis sections.  The lit review is the part of your final paper where you get to reference authors you disagree with. out of three articles one article" 1. Harris, "Optimism in the face of despair: Black-white differences in beliefs about school as a means for upward social mobility" 2. Wexler, "The return of school segregation in eight charts 3. Byron, "The revealed influence of class, race, and ethnicity on local public-school expenditures let me know if you cannot find the articles. I also attached a sample of what the finish product suppose to look like and also the syllabus so that you can see the guidelines for a minor/ major paper under miscellaneous I'm not sure how many pages is needed.
Your third and final minor paper is actually a portion of your final paper, the "literature review." The point of this paper is not to write a shorter version of your final paper, or to prove your overall point. The point of the literature review is to show that you have researched your topic, and can write about the relevant literature. Think of the literature review as a series of very short book reports. Format: You have essentially been doing this all semester long, with each of your HWs.
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