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Theory of Planned Behavior-Based Interventions in Texas Hispanic Diabetics

Population: Hispanics in Texas that have or are at-risk for diabetes Theory: Theory of Planned Behavior All papers must be in Word format, double-spaced using 12-point font with one-inch margins on all sides. Each paper will contain a cover page and a manuscript of no more than 20 pages, excluding references, tables, and appendices. In-text citations and references should be formatted in accordance with AMA or APA Style Guidelines - you may choose between AMA or APA style, but use your chosen style consistently throughout the paper (in-text citations) and in the reference section. The cover page must list the title of the paper, name of the author, and date of submission. Your paper must include the following sections, each with the heading as noted in bold below and in the order specified. Significance (6 points total) • Background o This section should include a succinct literature review, incorporating relevant epidemiologic data to identify the problem. This question should answer the question, “Why is this health issue important?” • Target Population & Ecologic Context o Describe the target population and discuss all important factors that influence the target population’s intention toward the behavioral and health objectives, including a thorough analysis of social, cultural, and economic influences. This section should answer the question, “Why is this target population a priority for the health issue described above?” • Health Objective o Briefly state your SMART health objective and why this objective is important to individuals in your target population. Explicitly explain how the health objective could be quantitatively measured at the conclusion of the intervention. • Behavioral Objective o Briefly state your SMART behavioral objective and describe how it is related to the health objective. Explicitly explain how the behavioral objective could be quantitatively measured at the conclusion of the intervention. Innovation (4 points total) Describe how this proposed program is innovative compared to other programs that have been previously implemented. Use references where appropriate. Think about the following questions when developing this section (though not necessary to include each in the Innovation section): • How/why will your program produce the desired outcomes you are intending? • How is this program different/better than other programs? How is your target population unique/different than other programs? • What is it about your particular program that will make it successful among your target population? Methods (10 points total) In this section, you should describe how the theoretical model of behavior to which you were assigned is informing the development of your intervention, both in terms of its structure as well as the activities within the intervention. Be sure to do the following: • Describe the components of the assigned theory you used (as well as the components you did NOT use, if any) to develop your program and the rationale for incorporating (or NOT incorporating) those elements. • Describe all the elements and activities of your health intervention program and discuss how your intervention incorporates into its design the elements of your assigned theory. You may use additional subheadings under this heading. Limitations/Discussion (3 points total) Consider strengths, weaknesses, and/or gaps that remain after applying your theory. Consider whether another theory, or an additional theory, might have improved your intervention. Discuss overall limitations of your intervention/program. Finally, end on a positive and persuasive note with the anticipated policy and/or program implications resulting after the implementation of your program, despite its limitations. Other (2 points total) Logic Model required as Appendix A Consistent formatting, proofreading, and overall comprehensiveness and clarity of paper DUE AT 2 AM EST on 3/19/16 See attached example paper for guidance
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