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Does fear of failure affect students' educational performance positively?

I want a 3 full pages argumentative essay with an outline of a certain format (i am going to upload the format structure), an introduction that ends with a thesis statement (not in announced form ) and 3 body paragraphs and conclusion . the first body paragraph is a counter argument , where you acknowledge the other side and consider his ideas, the second body paragraph is refutation , where you refute the counter argument, and the third body paragraph is further supporting of your side of argument, and a conclusion. This the classical approach. You may take the Rogerian approach where the first body paragraph is counter argument , the second body paragraph is where you represent your side of argument and find a common ground between both of the arguments, and the third body paragraph is a neutral solution. i personally prefer the rogerian approach. i need the outline to be done before sunday 10 am and the rest of the essay can be later on but before 9 days. please use 4 sources to support ur major ideas ( not minor) and they must be from .org or .edu.
I want a 3 full pages argumentative essay with an outline of a certain format (i am going to upload the format structure), an introduction that ends with a thesis statement (not in announced form ) and 3 body paragraphs and conclusion . the first body paragraph is a counter argument , where you acknowledge the other side and consider his ideas, the second body paragraph is refutation , where you refute the counter argument, and the third body paragraph is further supporting of your side of argument, and a conclusion. This the classical approach. You may take the Rogerian approach where the first body paragraph is counter argument , the second body paragraph is where you represent your side of argument and find a common ground between both of the arguments, and the third body paragraph is a neutral solution.
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