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outline of What are we doing about the Islamic State

In a word document create your working/planning outline for your informative speech. The outline should meet the requirements laid out in the PowerPoint and in chapter 11 (full sentences, proper indentation and symbolization, etc.) This outline must be a minimum of 3 to 4 typed pages using a standard 12 pt. type. See sample outline under sample documents. Include a bibliography at the end of the outline. You must have at least 3 resource and each of those resources must be different types of resources (book, journal, magazine,interview, newspaper, government document, etc.). Include all outside resources you will be citing in your informative speech (you must cite all resources from the bibliography during the speech and you will not be allowed to cite any additional resources). At the top of the outline, before the title, answer the following questions: 1. What type of Informative speech are you giving? 2. What organization pattern are you using? This document is required in order to receive credit on the informative speech. Anyone who does not submit this document, will receive a zero on the informative speech. Save and submit here. The grading breakdown is as follows: PUBLIC SPEAKING OUTLINE EVALUATION 30 points possible Points are earned for the following: Title (1) Specific Purpose Statement (1) Opener (1) Relevance (2) Credibility (1) Thesis and Preview Statement (3) Parts labeled (intro/body/concl) (1) Transitions (3) Follows correct outline format (5) Written in complete sentences (3) Organizational pattern appropriate and clear (2) Main points covered in comparable depth (2) Sufficient supporting material for main points (2) Bibliography-required minimum # of sources (2) Bibliography-follows correct format (2) I would also like a separate page for the speech that I can look on while I give the speech. I want the speech to be over what we aren't doing about the Islamic State as a country. The outline needs to be from these sources. Rashid, Ahmed, and Tinke Davids. Taliban. Amsterdam: Atlas, 2001. Stern, Jessica, and J. M. Berger. ISIS: The State of Terror. McCants, William Faizi. The ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy, and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State.
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