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External and internal analysis for both Delta Airlines and Tesla

Conduct an external and internal analysis for both Delta Airlines and Tesla using concepts from this course. You should devote approximately 1,200 words (600 for each business) for your answer. You must conduct and include qualitative research in your response and citations must be in APA style. Since you have already conducted an initial analysis for these two firms for in-class assignments, incorporate these findings in your work. Writing style (see rubric) should be clear and concise prose (no bullets nor fragments).
Conduct an external and internal analysis for both Delta Airlines and Tesla using concepts from this course. You should devote approximately 1,200 words (600 for each business) for your answer. You must conduct and include qualitative research in your response and citations must be in APA style. Since you have already conducted an initial analysis for these two firms for in-class assignments, incorporate these findings in your work.
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THomas Paine Biography Would like in 5-6 hours. (tomorrow Morning) 7:30 1000 words Don't take if not.
include books, like Thomas Paine: Apostle of Freedom, Frutchman, Philsophy of Thomas Paine. Etc. Add some quotes, but mainly Biography and about the impact he had on the the separation of the England and the War. Finished before pay?
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Thomas Paine Biography Would like in 4-5. if possible. due [Tomorrow Morning 7:30.] Do what you can.
Include book quotes, or if worded similarly (General Idea). (Apostle of Freedom, Philosophy of Thomas Paine. Etc. but can mainly be biography, how he ended up in america, his impact on separation of England/war Etc.

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