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Risk Return, Capital Budgeting, and Weighted Avg Cost of Capital

No Title Page needed, no abstract, just 300-400 words and 1 reference and a couple of bible versus in APA format. I just need 300-400 words integrating the bible into Risk Return, Capital Budgeting, and Weighted Avg Cost of Capital. Here is a link to 30 bible versus you may want to consider. I only need 2-3 of them included and then at least one scholarly reference about RISK RETURN or WACC, etc. You need to very breifly explain what each term means from the title Risk Return, Capital Budgeting, and Weighted Avg Cost of Capital and then explain how faith comes into play. Instructions for the assignment from the professor: By Module/Week 6, you will be assigned to a group in the group discussion board. Your group will complete an essay describing how the Bible is related to the topics covered in the course. The essay must be at least 1,000 words and include a clear integration of the Bible in relation to a course topic. In addition, your group must use at least 2 scholarly sources to substantiate your position (you may use the textbook as 1 source). Sources must be cited in current APA format. You will work on the essay in your group discussion board and then post the completed essay in the course-wide discussion board for everyone to read. Replies to other groups’ essays are not required but are strongly encouraged. In addition to the discussion board post, 1 member of your group must submit the essay to SafeAssign. Individual projects are not allowed. Social loafing is not acceptable and will result in earning a grade of 0.
No Title Page needed, no abstract, just 300-400 words and 1 reference and a couple of bible versus in APA format. I just need 300-400 words integrating the bible into Risk Return, Capital Budgeting, and Weighted Avg Cost of Capital. Here is a link to 30 bible versus you may want to consider. I only need 2-3 of them included and then at least one scholarly reference about RISK RETURN or WACC, etc.
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