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Causes of 'Internationalisation'.Reasons to shape transnational corporations (TNCs)

MAIN ESSAY QUESTION TO ANSWER Analyse the causes of 'Internationalisation'. In other words, what are the main reasons to shape transnational corporations (TNCs)? Explain two main dimensions (trade & foreign direct investment) of the 'international economy. Please give examples in depth of internationalization activities for at least one country or discuss the required advantages in order to become international. BE SURE TO EXPLAIN WHAT INTERNATIONALIZATION IS. USE HARVARD WRITING STYLE USE NO PLAGIARISM USE appropriate use of comparison across nations, industries, companies and business functions. You should answer each question with reference to at least two countries and preferably more, even where only one country is cited in the question. THE COUNTRIES ARE US, JAPAN, GERMANY, BRITAIN AND CHINA A proper balance between theory and evidence and the appropriate use of national, industry or corporate examples in each answer will receive favorable consideration. USE CURRENT EXAMPLES (CASE STUDIES) ESSAY STRUCTURE Introduction. Suggest an answer to the question and outline how you intend to validate your suggested answer by clarifying the analytical structure (and maybe, therefore, the thematic thread or point of view youwillpursue). • Describe the key theories, and/or debates, and/or areas of critique surrounding the question. Keep this section as short as possible: you need to state the main concepts but you need greater space to do more in order to acquire higher order marks. Try and establish a link with your structure (in themes and ideas) and the following sections. • Key argument 1: as proposed by one major group of analysts or one well known theorist, and as reflected in your discussion of the literature. Test with empirical information and quote cases from at least two nations but hopefully more. Make your comparisons direct and explicit. • Key argument2: asproposedbyonemajorgroupof analysts or one well known theorist, and as reflected in your discussion of the literature. Test with empirical information and quote cases from at least two nations but hopefully more. Make your comparisons direct and explicit. • Your resolution of the above debates, justifying your argument logically and empirically. • Are there other aspects of the debate that needed to be added, which could not be easily fitted into the structure, but nevertheless remain relevant? Or are there important debates you feel are ignored by the question? See examples above. • Conclusion. If possible, after summarizing your answer, discuss other aspects of the debate needing investigation, or assess the reliability of current evidence and research.
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