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CREATED ON 29th April 2017
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Rogerian Research Esaay: Should the United States lower the drinking age?

I am in need of a Rogerian research essay for my final, I need it to be good but I also need to understand it and be able to bring my sources printed out to class by MAY 4th and used them when I have to re-write in a classroom for my exam. I need three sources, I have one already, I am in need of two more, I would prefer if one supported information that supports the side that does support lowering the drinking age, and another one that supports the side that doesn't support lowering the drinking age. I am going to list a second source just in cause you decide o use it, but if you don't that ok. ALSO, THE SOUCES CAN NOT BE OLDER THAN 5 YEARS. MY PROFESSOR WANTS THE WRITING LAYOUT LIKE THIS. Point (example) Evidence (evidence to support point) Analysis and the paragraph should not be in bullet point like listed in "project essay regurments" The compromise section of the paper is what my professor will look at most and I really need it to be good. THIS IS WHERE MY THESIS STATMENT WILL GO. I still need a thesis statement at this point, An important aspect of this paper is to list Ethos, patho, and logos throughout the essay, this is a 30% of the grading rubric, listed in context. A need clear stakeholders on both sides of this debate. ALSO I Must be able to print off the three chosen souces by MAY 4 TO bring into my professor so she can give them back to be for when i write out the paper for the exam. If i fail this final i will fail the class so please please write a good understandable paper, THANKS if you have any question LET ME KNOW so i can answer them!
I am in need of a Rogerian research essay for my final, I need it to be good but I also need to understand it and be able to bring my sources printed out to class by MAY 4th and used them when I have to re-write in a classroom for my exam. I need three sources, I have one already, I am in need of two more, I would prefer if one supported information that supports the side that does support lowering the drinking age, and another one that supports the side that doesn't support lowering the drinking age. I am going to list a second source just in cause you decide o use it, but if you don't that ok. ALSO, THE SOUCES CAN NOT BE OLDER THAN 5 YEARS.
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