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Artificial intelligence and its applications in modern computing (Example)

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Name Instructor Course Date Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications in Modern Computing Artificial Intelligence refers to the study and design of intelligent agents or systems that can perceive their environment and take action that maximize its chances of success (Russell and Norvig). Other quarters define AI as a branch of computer science that is involved with the development of intelligent machines which can work and thin like human beings in areas such as speech recognition learning planning and problem solving. Fig 1: Applications of Artificial Intelligence John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1956 when numerous scientists and inventors were trying to make intelligent machines CITATION Dav96 \l 1033 (Waltz). Today AI is the key computing technology in many of today’s greatest applications such as telephone systems that understand and translate languages to banking systems that detect credit card fraud and take precautionary measures to software and devices computer applications. It holds great prospects for the future in easing work and making human life more comfortable and cheaper. The threat of interfering with privacy is being continuously addressed so that AI technologies and its applications in modern computing can have more benefits for current and future generations. Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Acton Ashton. Issues in Artificial Intelligence Robotics and Machine Learning: 2013 Edition. ScholarlyEditions 2013. Jacob Lisa. 9 Powerful Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Use Today. 2017. 2 May 217 < Jones M. Tim. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2015. Russell Stuart Jonathan and Peter Norvig. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Pearson 2006. Saranya D. "A Study on Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications." International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering (2016): Vol. 5 Issue 4. Waltz David. Artificial Intelligence:Realizing the Ultimate Promises of Computing. 1996. 2 May 2017 <>. [...]

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The topic of my research paper is artificial intelligence and its applications in modern computing Below are the guidelines for the paper and how it is to be completed. The research paper is a very important component of CIS 120. It provides the student the opportunity: • To learn more about a topic of your interest, and how computers support that subject • To develop skills in producing professional papers using the technology of today • To learn how to use technology to support research • To learn how to use technology in preparing and presenting a formal presentation TOPIC The topic can be anything of the student’s interest, as long as there is at least some discussion on how computers support that subject in today’s environment. The topic may be about computers specifically, a professional area of study, or a special interest or hobby. If you have any doubt as to the applicability of a topic, ask your instructor! This must be an original paper written specifically to fill the requirements for this course. LENGTH Minimum of 1,000 words (approximately 5 pages double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 point in size) DUE DATE – Papers are due by midnight of the week assigned. Late papers will be accepted with a 5 point deduction for each day up to 7 days. Papers WILL NOT be accepted after 1 week. FORMAT The paper should use the MLA guidelines. Examples for reference citations of sources (including Internet sources) will be provided. SOURCES Students must have at least six sources of information cited properly on their Works Cited page. At least three must be from the Internet. Wikipedia is NOT a valid academic site and not an acceptable resource. Papers that use Wikipedia will receive an automatic 30 point deduction. GRAPHICS Your paper must include at least five pictures/diagrams/graphics imbedded into the document at appropriate places. DOCUMENTING PAPERS We will follow MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines to document work for our class, to include the end of semester Research Paper. The following is a brief guide to familiarize you with these requirements. SPACING Papers should be double spaced PAGE NUMBERS Page numbers should appear on the top right of each page, except for the first page. COVER PAGE MLA does not call for a cover page, however, we do. With the use of the great technology at our disposal, put together an attractive cover page with a neat graphic. FOOTNOTES/ENDNOTES and QUOTATIONS When thoughts and ideas are taken directly from a specific source, this source should be given credit. Many faculty today just require the author’s name, or title of the article if the author is unknown, and the page number (Hemmingway, p.51). In the case of a web site, the web address should be provided. All this is in parenthesis. ( Of course, direct quotes should show up as such, and lengthy quotes should be single spaced and indented one inch on the left and right. Simply type in the quote, highlight it, go to File and Setup and adjust the margins to the selected area. Then, go to Format Paragraph and change the settings to single space. Students will be required to turn in their research paper into WORK CITED Each paper should be accompanied by a Work Cited (bibliography) section. Work Cited should be a major heading and centered (like above). For citations running more than one line, the second and subsequent lines should be indented 5 spaces. The use of a citation machine in recommended. SOME EXAMPLES OF CITATIONS: ➢ Web Site: These citations should contain the name of the author (if known), title of the web site, producer of the web site, date the site was posted or last updated (or date found on the Internet if posting date is not known), and the web site address. George Elliot Jr, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, November 20, 2001 ➢ Interview: These citations should contain the name of the person interviewed, his/her position, and the date of the interview Smallwood, Joe. Director of Facilities, ABC Contracting. Personal Interview, August 20, 1999 ➢ Book Author: These citations should contain the name of the author, title of the book, publishing company, and the date of the publishing Jamison, Janice. Working With Word 97. Computer Technologies Publishing Company. September 1999. ➢ Periodical: These citations should contain the name of the author (if known), title of the article, title of the publication, Volume number, and the publication date. "Computers in Sports". Sports Illustrated, Vol. 219, 18 October, 1999 INSERTING GRAPHICS/PICTURES . You can place wonderful pictures and graphics found on the Internet into your paper and presentation. Your paper must include at least two graphics/pictures inserted from this source. You can usually Copy and Paste pictures, graphics, etc directly from the Internet web sites into your paper. Just point in the picture and Right Click, left click on copy, move to your document where you want the picture, and Right Click and Paste. Or you can accumulate a series of pictures saved on disk, and insert them later into your paper or Power Point presentation. Simply right click on the picture and Save As to your flash drive. To put your picture in your document, open your document in Word, insert your picture in your document where ever you want the picture/graphic (select the Insert menu, then the Picture option, and then look in your flash drive for your saved pictures). This same process can be used to insert pictures/graphics into your Power Point presentation. HYPERLINKS IN GRAPHICS Some pictures and other graphics today are hyperlinked to other websites. When placed in a paper and/or presentation, you will most likely want to REMOVE these links. To do so, RIGHT click on the graphic, select HYPERLINK (at bottom of the list), select REMOVE HYPERLINK, and enter. This will take out the hyperlink and avoid your system trying to go to the website anytime you click on the graphic (e.g., if you want to resize the picture). TOOLS/ GRAMMAR ETC Students should use the technology to assist with the development of their paper. Spell Checks, Grammar Checks, etc are located under the “Review” tab Word. This is an important criterion for the paper. Please remember to have someone proof read your paper for you.

Subject Area: Computer Science

Document Type: Research Paper

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