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Continuing Professional Development for English LanguageTeachers

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The Role of Individual differences in Instructed Second Language Learning
3000 words Havard referencing 15 references (see attached recommended list) References should not be too old. (at least 10 years) Use hard copy, academic journals. In the assignment, you could touch a bit about peer and teacher scaffolding. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS. PLAGIARISM CERTIFICATE (TURN IT IN REPORT) IS A MUST UPON COMPLETION...
The Role of Women and Slaves in the Christian Community
Why were questions about the status and role of women and slaves important for the early Christian community, both in its understanding of what it meant to be Christians and in its relationship to the surrounding Greco-Roman society? Make sure to consider the very different letters ascribed to Paul, and, especially if you are going to focus on women, Elizabeth..
Write a descriptive epidemiological analysis of Diabetes type 2. Descriptive epidemiology is usually the first stage in studying epidemiology of a disease or syndrome or other conditions. Research when it was first discovered, how medications were discovered, who it affects, why, how to prevent it and how to treat it. Your descriptive analysis will cover:..
Music History- Baroque Era first and second practice
Why is Palestrina’s music representative of the first practice, and most of Monteverdi’s music representative of the second practice? Things to cover: Describe Palestrina’s style using the motet “Dum complerentur.” Discuss the debate between Artusi (works for the church) over the madrigal, "Cruda Amarilli” by Monteverdi. Consider Artusi’s background;..
I am attaching the approved proposal + Syllabus with the instructions for the thesis. I am looking for strict and detailed person to fill the paper with quality work, which will be examined from my coach, and send back for corrections. The topic should be examined in concrete in details, not to be spread over a broad range of topics. MLA referencing is VERY IMPORTANT!..
Performance Management and Non-Discriminatory in workplace
Discuss the role of performance management in the workplace, especially on a day-by-day basis in reducing discriminatory practices and ensuring a non-discriminatory work environment where performance is the primary measure of personal contribution. - MUST use content from the following attachment provided (Harvard referencing). - MUST also use the..
Human Rights
contrast major differences between correlation research and Experimental research.
Written Assignment There is a written assignment (150 points) required in this class. That paper will contrast major differences between correlation research and Experimental research. Cause and effect is usually established by controlled experiments, while correlational designs deal with relationships. This is addressed in your textbook, also in..
Must have seen the movie "Training Day" with actor Denzel Washington
This class is called Personality Psychology, I choose the actor Denzel Washington to write this final paper on because he has a lot of personality and psychology problems going on in this movie. The rubric is: Write an original paper which combines at least two theories of personality with a character in a movie, television series, or a novel. The paper should..
Langston Hughes impact on the Harlem renaissance of the
Choose one of the poets on the syllabus, or a specific theme or period of writing, and develop a strong thesis statement that addresses a recurring theme in the poet’s or poets’ works. Remember: a thesis statement requires that you take a position and present an argument which you prove throughout the paper; it is never a statement of fact. You will need to read texts..
Research Paper
English Language
Argument of Causation: The Effects of Divorce on Children
Please follow instructions in attached documents. Provide a rebuttal paragraph immediately after intro. Thesis statement as a single sentence at the end of intro. Provide a hook - i.e. an interesting fact or statistic as the first sentence of essay to hook the reader. Please upload documents of sources used...
Montessori Action reseach plan proofreading, rephrasing, correct refence
I have written a very rough version of this assignment. It is an action research plan including a review of the literature and a proposed plan. I have gone way over the word count (3613 to be reduced to 1500 + 10 %), it includes many errors and incorrect referencing I would love to have it proofread thoroughly including rephrasing languaSee part of the brief below,..
the effect of the American dream on haitian immigration
Feel free to modify the title, but keep the broad topics american dream and immigration. If you need to narrow the topic by population, I'd like Haitian immigrants. I have some sources already if needed
Research Paper
English Language
What kind of healthcare system should the U.S. have?
You are to read the article on the Four Healthcare Models, Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each system. What you do you like about them and what do you see as problems? What do you think of the economics of the systems? In each of these nations, the government plays a much larger role in healthcare than in the U.S., where the forces of supply and demand still..
Comprehensive Case Study on COPD, Heart Failure, Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus
M.K. is a 45 year old female; measuring 5’5” and weighs 225 lbs. M.K. has a history of smoking about 22 years along with a poor diet. She has a history of Type II diabetes mellitus along with primary hypertension. M.K. has recently been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. Her current symptoms include chronic cough, more severe in the mornings with sputum, light-headedness,..
Case Study
Brief Summary of April and Paris by David Sedaris
I need immediate assistance (within the next 4 or 5 hours) completing a short, one paragraph summary of the New Yorker article April and Paris. Then, the following questions need to be answered: - What is the theme? - How are metaphors employed? - What was the tone? - When the essay is sarcastic or satirical, what are the clues that we should not be taking the essay..

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Analysis of Battle Photography
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Essay On Violence
If you are experiencing difficulties in writing your student tasks, such as courseworks, diplomas, apa paper , reports, reviews, essay on violence , and etc., we strongly recommend you to get in touch with our company, where we will assist you cope with various educational assignments. In our company you can order any types of projects and the authors will do it efficiently and within the indicated deadlines. We give you a 100% guarantee that you will receive assistance of experienced..
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Human Protection under the law and Education
1. Intro: The to education is a fundamental real human right. Every individual, irrespective of competition, nationality, gender, ethnic, religion or political preference, years or disability, is eligible for a free elementary education. "Everyone has the to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental phases. Elementary education will be compulsory. Techie and professional education shall be made generally available and higher..
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Mise En World Of Titanic Film Studies Essay
This is the final chapter; the Mise-en-scene and Ideological model will be reviewed and applied to the studies and analysis which may have been reviewed in section four. Besides that, this chapter will be answering the research question in section one, the accomplishment of the aim of this study will be talked about also. Finally, there will have some suggestion for the future research to be able to boost and develop an improved thesis on this particular theme. 5. 1 Concepts..
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Perception Of Price THAT COUNTS To Consumers Marketing Essay
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Dutch Republic Composition
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ECN conventional paper
The upcoming usa president election of 2004 could be the most essential in our nation's history. Consequently , every concern is of importance; however , this paper will focus on George Bush and John Kerry from a non-partisan viewpoint, and which will candidate will be better pertaining to our economic system. The economy is often changing, causing recessions along with periods of growth pertaining to our region. However , each candidate can be inclined to think he has..
Domestic Item
Each Candidate
George Bush
John Kerry
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The good qualities and Negatives of Or windows 7
When Windows XP came out in October 21 years old, many persons happily to get the newest os. The pro about the operating system; finally it has increased theme because of it look and graphic due to desktop course-plotting (looks different from it previously operating system, Home windows 200), it will detect virtually any hardware since it will immediately search to find the driver from the internet (such while printer, adobe flash drives, etc . ) hence the hardware will be able..
Operating System
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Viola and Orsino in 12th Night by William Shakespeare Essay
Viola and Orsino in Twelfth Nighttime by William ShakespeareIn Bill Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" there are severalrelationships that develop over the play. One of manycharacters whose interaction and misunderstanding become the core ofthe storyline, Viola and Orsino have most significant relationship. Theway they connect to one another causes the sophisticated conflict with theplay, so that as the turmoil comes to be more complex the 2 charactersturn..
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Little princess Diana's Life Essay
Princess Blanco was a very well know person to people all over the world. She was kind, fairly sweetand genuine to every person she meets. Diana kept many charitable trust events; she was the director ofBarnardo's which is a charitable organization for struggling children and also helped increase money to get othercharities such as the AIDS Catastrophe Trust. (Sherry Beck PaProcki, 62-63) Diana is a very wonderfulperson; she would go to hostipal wards and take a seat with..
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Destiny, Destiny, Free Is going to and Free of charge Choice in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Do you really believe in fate? To answer the question, you must first have a correct concept of what fate is. A definition of fortune would be the power that is supposed to negotiate ahead of time how things will happen. Could right now there be these kinds of a power that rules our lives, and if so , why? Romeo and Juliet, the two fresh lovers in William Shakespeare' s Romeo and Juliet, ended up being a large component to what could always be called "fate". Fate seemed..
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?he novel by Charles Dickens Essay
The most predominant topic in the two poems is sheer desolation. The notion of hope and hopelessness is effectively conveyed, representing the poet's anger at the lack of democracy and equanimity in society. They will struggle to inhibit this disappointment towards the excessive political and social racism made against ethnic hispanics in the way they've been.However , thematically, the way the oppressed deal with the unjust and prejudiced policies installed..
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