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Langston Hughes impact on the Harlem renaissance of the

Choose one of the poets on the syllabus, or a specific theme or period of writing, and develop a strong thesis statement that addresses a recurring theme in the poet’s or poets’ works. Remember: a thesis statement requires that you take a position and present an argument which you prove throughout the paper; it is never a statement of fact. You will need to read texts by your chosen poet that we have not covered in class in order to write a successful paper, and the work you’ve done in the Analytical Paper should help in that regard. You should consult and cite from at least three scholarly sources for this assignment, and they should be listed in an MLA Works Cited page at the end of your paper. Wikipedia, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Sparknotes, etc. are not considered scholarly sources. It’s worth noting that academic journals are perceived as impressive sources. Avoid excessive summary of the poems you are discussing and focus on analysis instead. The poems should be used to support your thesis, and it is suggested that you cite from them for that purpose. The bulk of your paper should consist of analysis geared toward proving your thesis. Background information on your chosen author is necessary, to some extent, but it should be limited. The purpose of writing this paper is to develop a clear understanding of what the poet’s objectives were in composing the texts you are writing about, and that is what your thesis statement should focus on. At least one MLA style block quote is required for this assignment, and we will be discussing citation, in depth, in class. Ultimately, your research should give you an opportunity to present yourself as somewhat of an authority on the poet’s important themes and topics in a minimum of five pages.
Choose one of the poets on the syllabus, or a specific theme or period of writing, and develop a strong thesis statement that addresses a recurring theme in the poet’s or poets’ works. Remember: a thesis statement requires that you take a position and present an argument which you prove throughout the paper; it is never a statement of fact. You will need to read texts by your chosen poet that we have not covered in class in order to write a successful paper, and the work you’ve done in the Analytical Paper should help in that regard. You should consult and cite from at least three scholarly sources for this assignment, and they should be listed in an MLA Works Cited page at the end of your paper.
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