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Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company's (

Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company's (SEIIC's) primary recruiting need is for engineering and technical personnel. Over that last two decades, these professions have generally been in high demand and relatively scarce supply. As the HR manager responsible for recruiting and selecting people in these fields, you need to stay abreast of trends that affect the demand for and availability of these personnel. Building on the background work you conducted in Week 1 on the various trends affecting SEIIC: Evaluate issues in the current environment that affect the demand for and supply of engineering and technical personnel. Justify specific action steps that SEIIC should use to source and recruit candidates for engineering and technical jobs at SEIIC. Justify specific action steps to select new employees (i.e., best candidates) for engineering and technical jobs at SEIIC. MUST USE THE TEMPLATE THAT IS ATTACHED. MUST HAVE AT LEAST FIVE SOURCES.MUST HAVE CITATIONS.
Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company's (SEIIC's) primary recruiting need is for engineering and technical personnel. Over that last two decades, these professions have generally been in high demand and relatively scarce supply. As the HR manager responsible for recruiting and selecting people in these fields, you need to stay abreast of trends that affect the demand for and availability of these personnel. Building on the background work you conducted in Week 1 on the various trends affecting SEIIC: Evaluate issues in the current environment that affect the demand for and supply of engineering and technical personnel.
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