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Name Tutor Course Date Peaceful struggle against violent social injustice During the 1960’s the United States of America was a dark and despairing nation for the blacks. All life aspects were poor. There were slim chances of success and appreciation in the society was barely a dream. African Americans of this period experienced oppression disrespect and poor treatment many decades after abolition of slavery in 19th century. It was not until mid-20th century that revolutionary African American leaders including the young charismatic leader Martin Luther King Junior rose to address the plight of the blacks by staging and leading peaceful demonstrations in America. In one that turned out to be his most momentous speech fall victims of these circumstances. Just like the modern terrorists white terrorism during the 1960’s was intolerable. Malcolm X used violence while King used peaceful means to fight the same white terrorism yet both achieved their mission. However King’s legacy has remained above everyone else including Malcolm’s because of the former’s accommodative ideologies. Unfortunately this legacy is only read in books. Today’s leaders should learn from King’s legacy and resolve to peaceful means of conflict resolution on the contemporary social issues such as terrorism. Works Cited King Martin L. "I Have A Dream". 1st ed. 1963. Web. 24 Apr. 2017. Shabazz Attallah. The Autobiography Of Malcolm X. 1st ed. 1965. Web. 24 Apr. 2017. [...]

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NOTE FROM NICOLE: Be sure to title the essay. I did not provide an essay title above because I don't know which reading assignment you will choose. ALSO, you will have to read for this essay, but the readings are short. You will have to include a title. ASSIGNMENT FROM PROFESSOR: • 500-word limit • 12 pt. font; double-spaced • quotes from reading assignments • Use MLA format, including works cited. Write a 500-word essay that engages with one of this week's reading assignments. What makes this work significant to you? Find the specific quote(s) within the reading that inspire you. You may use quotes from the other reading assignments to further your point. Develop a thesis statement based on your response to this literature. Write it first as a question, then write it IN BOLD as an argumentative statement. Do not conduct outside research for this essay beyond the specified reading assignments. Use the text itself (and personal experiences, if necessary) as your source material. Make sure you write a strong, argumentative thesis statement. PLEASE PUT YOUR THESIS STATEMENT IN BOLD FACE TYPE. Include a word count at the end. Pay attention to sentence-level errors (comma splices, incomplete sentences, run- on sentences). You MUST use quotes. It's your support. A good thesis makes a good essay. Organize your essay according to your thesis. Make an outline. Keep readers interested. Transitions. Consider alternatives and challenges to your argument! ~ Write active sentences; avoid "be" verbs (ie. am, is, are, was were, been, being, be) THE READING ASSIGNMENTS INCLUDE: "I Have a Dream", Martin Luther King, Jr. "The Autobiography of Malcom X", Malcom X, ONLY CHP. 19 "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been", Joyce Carol Oates "Los Vendidos", Luis Valdez NOTE TO WRITER FROMM NICOLE: I was interested in writing about the significance of "I Have a Dream", using quotes not only from that text, but also from "The Autobiography of Malcom X". I want to focus specifically on the part of his speech that relates to children, "We have waited more than 340 years for our Constitutional and God-given rights... Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the stinging darts of separation to say, 'Wait'...but when you have seen vicious mobs...WHEN YOU SUDDENLY FIND YOUR TONGUE TWISTED AS YOU SEEK TO EXPLAIN TO YOUR SIX-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHY SHE CAN'T GO TO THE PUBLIC AMUSEMENT PARK...SEE TEARS WELLING UP IN HER EYES WHEN SHE IS TOLD THAT FUNTOWN IS CLOSED TO COLORED CHILDREN, AND SEE OMINOUS CLOUDS OF INFERIORITY BEGINNING TO FORM IN HER LITTLE MENTAL SKY...DEVELOPING AN UNCONSCIOUS BITTERNESS TOWARD WHITE PEOPLE....FIVE-YEAR OLD SON...'DADDY, WHY DO WHITE PEOPLE TREAT COLORED PEOPLE SO MEAN...HUMILIATED DAY IN AND DAY OUT...WHEN YOU ARE HARRIED BY DAY AND HAUNTED BY NIGHT BY THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A NEGRO...NEVER QUITE KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT...PLAGUED WITH INNER FEARS AND OUTER RESENTMENTS; WHEN YOU ARE FOREVER FIGHTING A DEGENERATING SENSE OF 'NOBODINESS'--THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND...CUP OF ENDURANCE RUNS OVER...NO LONGER WILLING TO BE PLUNGED INTO THE ABYSS OF DESPAIR. I HOPE, SIRS, YOU CAN UNDERSTAND OUR LEGITIMATE AND UNAVOIDABLE IMPATIENCE." I chose that because I would like to relate it to a personal experience of mine: A little boy, white, around the age of 5 or 6, adorable, was talking to me about the tooth fairy. He had just lost a tooth and he was very excited to show oFf the new empty space in his mouth and to guess what the tooth fairy might leave for him. After talking with him, I saw that his shoelaces were untied, so I asked him if he knew how to tie them. He did not, so I kneeled down and tied them for him. As I was tying his shoes, he reached out and gently rubbed my cheek and asked in all sincerity, "Does it hurt to be brown?" Stunned, and momentarily confused, I told him no, it's great to be brown, just like it's great to be an adorable little boy. He smiled, but his eyes read confusion. Before he or I could say anything else, his mother ripped his hand away from me and immediately proceeded to sanitize it. She actually poured sanitizer onto his hand and whispered something in his ear as she did so, never once looking at me. As they walked away from me me, the child, whose name was Tyler, looked back at me with sad eyes that were filled with questions that I would never get the chance to answer, and I saw the beginning stages of a forever changed little boy. I know he read the shock and the hurt on my face and in my eyes, and I pray that that moment sticks with him and becomes a driving force in his efforts to dismantle the racist infrastructure of the U.S. (That sticks with me because, while I have experienced several instances of racism throughout my life, this was the first time that it involved a child, and it was the first time that I saw what was the potential making of either a villain or a hero, and there was nothing I could about it beyond hope that my kindness and my smile had enough of an impact on him to outweigh the hate that his mother was attempting to instill in him.) Another important quote related to this is, "YOU DEPLORE THE DEMONSTRATIONS TAKING PLACE...BUT YOUR STATEMENT...FAILS TO EXPRESS A SIMILAR CONCERN FOR THE CONDITIONS THAT BROUGHT ABOUT THE DEMONSTRATIONS..." There is a fine line between the peaceful movement advocated for by MLK and the more aggressive one advocated for by Malcom X, and I believe this is highlighted in this text and should considered in the constuction of the thesis statement. (At what point should one stop asking for equality and respect of humanity and simply take it?) Now that I have said all that, I am also interested in Luis Valdez's "Los Vendidos", so if that short play is a reading that interests you as the writer, please feel free to write about the significance of that play, but it should be something that is not obvious, something that is not overly written about.

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