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Proactive discipline means buidling and maintaining self- esteem in the classroom

Chapter Eleven – Proactive Discipline Means Building and Maintaining Self-Esteem in the Classroom (Chapter 11 is uploaded!). In each of your mini-papers, you are expected to read the designated chapter, summarize the content, and write a six (6) to eight (8) page paper using STRICT APA format. The APA manual is a required text for this course and you WILL NOT BE successful without it. Elements of APA include: 1) Cover page with running head and page numbers, 2) Abstract page with keywords, 3) Body with a clear Introduction, Literature Review, and Discussion, 4) Conclusion page, and 5) Reference page. Mini-papers must contain appropriate citations within the paper and reflected on the reference page. Acceptable fonts are Arial 11 point or New Times Romans 12 point and doubled-spaced. Scholarly papers should be clear, organized, unified, free of grammatical errors, concise, accurate, objective, and of course in the approved format, APA.
Chapter Eleven – Proactive Discipline Means Building and Maintaining Self-Esteem in the Classroom (Chapter 11 is uploaded!). In each of your mini-papers, you are expected to read the designated chapter, summarize the content, and write a six (6) to eight (8) page paper using STRICT APA format. The APA manual is a required text for this course and you WILL NOT BE successful without it. Elements of APA include: 1) Cover page with running head and page numbers, 2) Abstract page with keywords, 3) Body with a clear Introduction, Literature Review, and Discussion, 4) Conclusion page, and 5) Reference page.
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