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You are responsible for answering one of the two scenario questions in Part 1, and one of the two essay questions in Part 2. You must answer all of the questions for the scenario in Part 3. Please note that you will receive no points for portions of answers that exceed the suggested page limit. Formatting should be 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced. There is no requirement to provide footnotes or formal/specially formatted citations, but sources and pinpoints (i.e., page/paragraph number or section) you are referencing should be clearly identified. Please cite the full case name, author/publication title, or legal instrument in your answers. In your response to each question, please bold font each case or other supporting material when you refer to it for the first time. Answers must be provided in full sentences rather than bullet-point or short form. Each answer should be clearly structured. You may write in English or French. Strong answers to each of the questions below will cite (where relevant to support your answer) provisions of the human rights laws we’ve covered, cases, readings, and examples from our class. You are not expected to cite materials beyond those covered in the syllabus and in class, and you will not be awarded points for citing outside materials. You are being evaluated on your understanding of class materials; points will be awarded for the quality and strength of your reliance on class materials/class discussions in your responses, and your demonstrated understanding of these materials. For scenario questions, please discuss the hypothetical facts given. If you think additional information would be helpful for the analysis, please discuss what would make a difference. You will not be awarded any points for answers that exceed the length of the stated maximum. Work submitted must be fully your own. Should there be reason to believe you have contravened this policy, you will risk facing academic fraud proceedings. Please include a cover page with the course code, professor name, your name, student number, and date. GOOD LUCK!
You are responsible for answering one of the two scenario questions in Part 1, and one of the two essay questions in Part 2. You must answer all of the questions for the scenario in Part 3. Please note that you will receive no points for portions of answers that exceed the suggested page limit. Formatting should be 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced.
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