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Topic: MS Word Versus Other Word Processing Programs

• For the Discussion on MS Word Versus Other Word Processing Programs, consider that Microsoft Word is only one of the major Word processing software programs many users employ. • Using Internet research among other sources, compare and contrast the features of other word processing software such as StarOffice Writer and Corel WordPerfect to Microsoft Word. • Some organizations made the decision to purchase those word processing software programs, what advantage or disadvantage might they experience? What is your experience? • Have you had a chance to use any other program? Discuss your findings, your experiences, likes and dislikes. • Weigh the struggles an organization may have against the increased productivity they may be looking for.
• For the Discussion on MS Word Versus Other Word Processing Programs, consider that Microsoft Word is only one of the major Word processing software programs many users employ. • Using Internet research among other sources, compare and contrast the features of other word processing software such as StarOffice Writer and Corel WordPerfect to Microsoft Word. • Some organizations made the decision to purchase those word processing software programs, what advantage or disadvantage might they experience? What is your experience?
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