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How activity of pyrophosphatase is affected by enzyme concentration, pH and temperature

Lab Report marking criteria is attached, please follow. Word count does not include appendix and calculations. List of things that are needed in appendix: 1. Standard curve 2. Your excel table for enzyme velocity as a function of enzyme concentration 3. Your excel table for enzyme velocity as a function of pH 4. Your excel table for enzyme velocity as a function of temperature 5. Example calculations showing how you generated the data in these tables Attached is also an excel file containing all the data tables and graphs to be included in the report. minimum of 4 articles to be referenced, in Harvard style. word count 1450 words +/- 10% Attached is also a scanned pdf file detailing the method of the entire experiment and various notes.
Lab Report marking criteria is attached, please follow. Word count does not include appendix and calculations. List of things that are needed in appendix: 1. Standard curve 2.
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