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Patient Rights/Counselor Responsibility Assignment

Assignment 5.3: Patient Rights/Counselor Responsibility Assignment Explanation: The items indicated below are general and standard. Individual treatment centers have their own standards, policies, and procedures, therefore patient rights and responsibilities will vary: To receive considerate care that is respectful of personal beliefs and cultural/spiritual values; To receive complete and current information regarding all aspects of care in a manner that is understandable; To participate in the health care team in developing a treatment or care plan that addresses all needs; To obtain a second medical opinion; To expect that information gathered concerning care will be treated in a confidential manner; To designate a support person to representative to assist in making decisions about treatment or care; To be informed of the names and functions of all members of the health care team; To be informed of all applicable policies and procedures; To express concerns and receive timely response; To refuse treatments, except in circumstances stipulated by law (for example, for certain communicable diseases), and be informed of any possible medical consequences of such refusal; To be acknowledged in the language of choice; the treatment center will provide, if possible, the services of an interpreter to ensure that communication with members of the health care team is possible. Additionally, the counselor has a duty to take appropriate action if the patient evidences conduct or makes statements indicating there is imminent danger to another human being. This is in cases where there is "... danger the patient will use physical violence or other means to cause serious personal injury." The notification by a counselor of an intended victim (or to others) does not constitute a breach of confidentiality. Section 1024 of Evidence Code states that there is, "... no privilege of confidentiality if the counselor has reasonable cause to believe that the patient is in such mental or emotional condition as to be dangerous to himself or to another person, or property." This disclosure is necessary to prevent the threatened danger that may occur. Read the information contained in the following resources and familiarize yourself with the CFR42 Part II and the Tarasoff Act: Loosening the Grip, Kinney 9th Edition The Book of Ethics, Geppert and Roberts, Key Confidentiality Regulations (pp. 18-25) and (pp.20-22) CFR 42 Part II, can be viewed at: Tarasoff Act Procedure: Write a two (2) page paper (500-600 words) regarding the Federal Alcohol and Other Drug Confidentiality Law and Regulations. One (1) page should summarize the counselor's responsibilities and one (1) page should discuss exceptions to the law. The paper should include a discussion of the events that lead to the Tarasoff Act and describe the clinicians’ requirements for their duty to protect. Your assignment should contain (and will be evaluated) on the following criteria: A demonstration of your understanding of CFR 42 Part II; A demonstration of your understanding of counselor responsibilities and exceptions to the law; The major issues associated with counselor responsibilities, exceptions to the law, and history leading to the Tarasoff Act; Proper use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and appropriate language. Proper citation of source material (Please be aware that if you use ideas or information from a secondary source, you MUST give proper credit to that source. Failure to do so is plagiarism.).
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