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Week 14 (Example)

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Institution Professor Course Date Question 1 The Islamic art has many features which best suits to their religion. For example the Islamic art involves calligraphy which is considered as one of the highest forms of visual art. All artworks are related to Islam are as a result of the interpretation of the passages contained in the Quran. Artists who are involved in the Islamic art tried as much as possible to incorporate some artistic designs for example geometric patterns and well-designed plants forms. The Islamic art did not incorporate idols which were famous artworks in that period. The Persian culture influenced the Islamic art in one way or the other. The Islamic architecture was influenced by various materials used by the Persians for example decorations made up of valuable materials like gold. Question 2 Generally the African masks were basically used of gender discrimination and inequality. Question 9 Postmodern involves a wide form of contemporary art which started from 1970 onwards. Postmodern involves advanced technology and the conceptual art. The art of painting and somehow the sculpture was seen as outdated. The architecture involved use of advanced technology. It was also characterized by the use of images which were based on new technologies for example television and computers. Discussion Forum One of the key things I learned is the romanticism which emphasized on the human sacrifices in order have equality humanity and liberty. Another key thing was the Harlem Renaissance which made all sorts of people interact and share ideas concerning the American experience. The last part which was of interest was the Post-Impression which involved a diversity of artists. Works Cited Arts of Islam and of Africa The Modern World 1800-1945 [...]

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Part 1 Answer questions Worksheet 9 1. Discuss the characteristics of Islamic art including how the Islamic architecture was influenced by the culture of Persia, giving examples of architecture in the text. 2. With reference to the Temne nowo masquerade, discuss the purpose of masks in African cultures, highlighting spiritual and communal uses. How have outsiders to African culture misinterpreted the meanings of African masks? 3. Consider the trend of 18th-century Neoclassicism and Romanticism, and give examples of the stylistic characteristics, selecting artists and artworks as an example. 4. Discuss the following three artistic styles or movements of the early 20th century - Cubism, Futurism, and Surrealism - and explain how those movements and the artists associated with them reflected new attitudes, philosophies, and social and political transformations. 5. Consider Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe and Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Describe the critical and public reception each of the works received upon first exhibit. Discuss the movements associated with each artist and indicate how earlier works of art influenced these works. 6. Consider Duchamp’s Fountain. Identify the movement with which this artist is associated. How does the artist approach in his relationship to the traditions of art? 7. Discuss the significance of the Harlem Renaissance as a cultural movement that included visual arts and various other art forms. Name several important artists and works from the Harlem Renaissance and explain the long-term effects of the movement on American art, society, and politics. How are the Halrem Renaissance and Black Chicago Renaissance - watch this video - similar but different. Name several important artists and writers of the Black Chicago Renaissance. If there were to a New Black Chicago Renaissance today, what do you think it would be like? 8. Who were the Guerrilla Girls (watch!) and what was their mission? 9. Define and discuss the term “Postmodern” as it relates to architecture, sculpture, and painting. Part 2 Discussion Forum 9 Discuss three key things that you found interesting and newly learned from reading the text along with your personal reflections. Do not just mention or summarize the contents but elaborate your thoughts.

Subject Area: Arts

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