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SUBJECT AREA English Language
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CREATED ON 14th April 2017
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Informative speech: panda or Great wall of China ( choose one)

1)Informative speech: Panda or Great wall of China (choose one) 2)Please see the attachment for the format of the speech. Please follow the format. Make sure all the transition sentences are there. 3)Please also find 2-3 visual aid, as power point. Please indicate in the speech outline when to present each of the visual aid. 4)5 resources in the speech, ex: according to the ny times, magazine, journalist…etc Use reliable sources. 5)Don’t use too complex vocabs.
1)Informative speech: Panda or Great wall of China (choose one) 2)Please see the attachment for the format of the speech. Please follow the format. Make sure all the transition sentences are there. 3)Please also find 2-3 visual aid, as power point.
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