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Business Leadership at ESPN, from the Mailroom to the Boardroom By George Bodenheimer

This assignment is based on the book by former ESPN President, George Bodenheimer. Throughout the 31 chapters and George’s 13 years as President (30+ years overall) at ESPN, he was confronted with many situations that required him to make decisions – some easy, others difficult and quite complex. These decisions greatly impacted his career and the growth of the Worldwide Leader in Sports. This is just one storyline example for you to consider. From programming content to business decisions to career choices and beyond, there are many storylines for you to highlight. Please select a minimum of 3 storyline examples in the book where George brought a topic from start to middle to end that impacted his career, the company, the media landscape and/or the consumer. For each example, briefly state your observations grounded in the general impact of the storyline itself. What if he’d gone another direction, for example? These might be positive or negative – that’s up to you. Support each in a paragraph or two – be concise. Please wrap up your work with an overall assessment of George’s place in sports broadcasting history while siting 2 other comparable (in your opinion) “pioneers” in the sports media industry. Again, please keep it to a paragraph or so on each your pioneer choices.
This assignment is based on the book by former ESPN President, George Bodenheimer. Throughout the 31 chapters and George’s 13 years as President (30+ years overall) at ESPN, he was confronted with many situations that required him to make decisions – some easy, others difficult and quite complex. These decisions greatly impacted his career and the growth of the Worldwide Leader in Sports. This is just one storyline example for you to consider.
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